On Bullshit

I just read 'On Bullshit', a book written by Harry G. Frankfurt. My copy was given to me by a friend, Michael Petiford. I was intrigued, as Michael doesn't recommend books to me too often.

I was doubly intrigued after seeing the book for the first time. It's an unassuming looking little book, measuring about 3" by 5". It is approximately 70 pages, with a largish size font for the text.

I was triply intrigued by the title, 'On BullShit.' I was hooked. I sat down the next day and read it.

'On Bullshit' presents an academic level exploration on the concept of bullshit. I was originally going to list several of the areas of bullshit exploration, but instead decided to simply encourage any reader that has read an academic paper to read this book. I haven't had so much fun reading a scholarly work in years.